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Completed reroof of Grenada Community Centre by Orkney Roofing

Grenada Community Centre

●      R3.6 Pink Batts Skillion Insulation

●      VB10 Ventilated Battens

●      Eaves Comb Filler

System Details

45-degree Pitch Roof

●      Thermokraft 407 Underlay

●      VB20 Ventilated Battens

●      0.55 Trimline Roof Sheets

●      Colorsteel Maxx “Ironsand”

●      RV10DP Ventilated Ridge

The Grenada Community Centre had persistent internal moisture issues and leaks from an ageing, poorly detailed roof. With a steep 45-degree pitch ‘skillion’ roof with a Klip-lok profile for the main roof, and a flat Butynol/ Klip-lok roof for the secondary one, ventilation was sorely lacking, resulting in significant moisture buildup problems.



The Solution:

To address these issues, we embarked on a comprehensive structural overhaul.

The Process:

The key priorities were elevating the flat roofs to the required minimum 2-degree pitch, adding insulation, and ensuring proper cavity ventilation. For superior waterproofing, we opted for Viking Enviroclad, renowned as the most robust membrane system available.


For the steeper 45-degree roof, we implemented a fully ventilated system to combat the internal moisture typical of such structures. Recognising the exacerbating effect of the ridge detail known as "Canterbury Prickles" and the profile's insufficient rib openness hindering natural ventilation, we addressed these challenges systematically.


This project went beyond a simple roof replacement; it needed a significant upgrade to the entire roofing system.


The Result:

By enhancing thermal dynamics, we've ensured that the Grenada Community Centre provides a more comfortable environment for the community for years to come.

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