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Is your roof leaking?

Finding and repairing leaks effectively requires an understanding of not just roofing but building design, deterioration and environmental effects. Leaks can arise from a single, isolated cause, or they can be an indication of wider problems.


When investigating leaks, we follow a methodical process of elimination and detection, which can mean that more than one visit is necessary. Sometimes, an initial repair can result in different or subsequent issues being revealed later.

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Do we guarantee leak repairs?

When we install new roofing systems, they are provided with material and workmanship warranties, which will be detailed in our quotation.


When making repairs, we cannot accept responsibility for previous building work or existing materials. While we will endeavour to resolve any leak we investigate fully, we cannot guarantee that other issues will not arise in future.

If it cannot be fixed

If we inspect your roof and find that it is no longer functioning as it should and would be too costly to repair, we will give you a range of options and prices.

No surprises!

Sometimes when we start a job, the repair turns out to be a lot more significant than initially thought. When this happens,  we will let you know the additional costs to avoid surprises.


Some roofs can be challenging to access safely, and we may need to use scaffolds, height safety systems or mobile access equipment. If so, we will also let you know the cost before starting the job.


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