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9 Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


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Rainshower in an enclosed outside area

A spa experience at home? Sign me up! If there’s ever a season to indulge yourself in a bit of comfort and luxury, it’s winter.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing better than being able to slip into a nice hot bath at the end of a busy week, switch off the dreariness of the cold outdoors and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of some “me” time. That’s what this season is all about, right - rest? So, why not embrace it?

Creating the ultimate spa bathroom doesn’t need to cost the earth, but there are a few things that Wellington builders Orkney Group Limited think are essential to creating the experience at home. You can include as many of the following as possible (just work with what your budget will allow):


I’m sure that one of the first things that came to your mind when you read the word “spa” in the title was a bathtub, right?

Your existing tub may be perfectly fine, but if you’re looking to upgrade, there are many options on the market these days from sunken tubs to free-standing or drop-in. The Japanese “ofuro” soaking tubs are becoming increasingly popular and are perfect for the smaller bathroom, or for those who prefer to sit in the tub.

Grey standalone bathtub surrounded by plants


Lighting is key when it comes to creating an atmosphere in any room. Installing dimmers is a brilliant way of doing this without incurring too much cost (also less dangerous than using candles around the bathtub!). LED strip lighting is another way of creating a soft, restful glow and can be installed below the vanity or around the mirror.

Sandstone- coloured tile bathroom (walls and floors)


Nothing makes a bathroom feel more spa-like than soft, fluffy white towels. Okay, so you may not like white – but, whatever colour you choose, investing in good quality, thick towels will not only look great but will also be more cost-efficient in the long run. Remember too, that towels are always on display, so getting this right is a must.

White bathtub with towel on it against a light blue tiled wall


If you are planning a bathroom renovation, using natural materials such as wood, stone or marble help make a bathroom feel more spa-like. Wood creates a warm, cosy feeling and helps to dampen sound. (Be sure to use high-quality wood that won’t be affected by moisture.) Note: Bamboo is grass, not wood. Although it has a beautiful natural aesthetic, bamboo tends to absorb moisture and cause swelling. We wouldn’t recommend the use of this material in the bathroom.

Black round tub against a light coloured timber wall and a long vertical window


Spa bathrooms tend to use natural colours such as soft white, greys, beige, marble etc to create a serene, restful feel. If you think neutrals are boring, you can add colour by way of plants – which brings us to the next point.

Japanese looking bathroom with a white tub


Most spas use plants to create a natural, earthy feel and a calming aesthetic. They also improve air quality and keep humidity levels low by absorbing moisture. This also means plants help to prevent mould growth and mildew. Spider plants, aloe vera, succulents, boston ferns and dragon trees are great bathroom plants because they thrive well in rooms with lots of moisture and low lighting.

Bathroom showing two white sinks and two arched mirrors


A clutter-free environment contributes to a feeling of peace and calm. If there’s one immediate change you can do to your bathroom that will come at a very minimal cost, it’s decluttering!

You can minimise “mess” by removing everything that doesn’t absolutely have to be in sight and leaving only necessary items such as towels, hand soap, bath salts etc, on display. If you’re short on storage space, installing open shelves with woven or linen baskets can help keep things ordered and out of sight.

Be sure to use simple designs and patterns in your tiles, floor rugs, walls and curtains, as this will also maintain a sense of calm.

Close up of edge of a white sink and small cosmetics bottles beside it


Rugs aren’t just useful for keeping bare feet warm, they also add a hint of sophistication and comfort to the space.

Cotton rugs are good for bathrooms because they are easy to clean and dry quickly, but microfiber, chenille, polyester and nylon are also good options.

Edge of a white bathtub against a white wall and light grey tile


Smell plays such a big role in how we feel. Lighting a candle or adding an aromatherapy diffuser to your bathroom can immediately whisk you away to a tropical island! Be sure to choose scents that are calming such as lavender or vanilla.

A selection of white candles

If this blog has inspired you to turn your bathroom into a spa, give us a call at 0800 368 470 and let’s chat about how we can help with your renovation!

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