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Orkney Roofing + Waterproofing offers roof repair, re-roofing, and waterproofing services for residential and commercial properties across the wider Wellington region. 




We use a robust Quality Assurance system that keeps our clients informed at every step of the project. At the end of each day, clients receive a report with photographs that gives a detailed breakdown of work completed. This gives our clients peace of mind as they can see what we've done and be assured that the work has been completed to a high professional standard.

Our team will visit your property to provide a quote. Get in touch with us by filling out the form below:


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          Our services include

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    Eco-friendly practices

Orkney Roofing promotes the use of Colorsteel, which can be recycled and reused at the end of its life lifetime, reducing construction waste. 

Modern Design Architecture

          Systems we use

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Delivering robust membrane systems for the past 50 years, Nuralite is proud to be known as the Flat Roof Experts. They offer solutions for all your roofing, decking, and tanking needs.


Viking Roofspec is New Zealand’s largest exterior waterproofing supply company and is proud to be 100% Kiwi-owned and operated. Their systems comprise accessories and components designed to suit the New Zealand environment and are only installed through the approved applicator network.


Equus Industries Ltd offers a full range of high-quality coating and waterproofing systems, from all around the world, for construction at all levels. Equus provides technical project-specific solutions focusing on the design process, professional customer support, and quality assurance. Equus pride themselves in their technical knowledge and range of roofing, tanking, flooring, coatings and concrete solutions.



Roofing Industries is New Zealand’s only 100% nationally NZ-owned and operated metal roof and cladding manufacturing business and is staffed by experienced and passionate roofing professionals. The result is a close-knit, passionate team – delivering superior roll-formed solutions.


For over 50 years, Dimond Roofing has been a leading supplier to the New Zealand construction industry. They offer the leading range of long-run roofing, cladding, architectural tray, and solar roofing products across New Zealand.


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"Needing to have my house re-roofed I contacted a fairly wide selection of companies for information and quotes.  Orkney’s response was by far the most helpful and supportive.


They visited promptly, and the job specifications were agreed in writing, which led to a formal quote that in turn was negotiated until both parties were completely satisfied and a contract agreed. This process was managed by Chanel Vermeulen the General Manager of the roofing division, who proved to be very professional, approachable, and keen to make sure that my needs were fully met. 

The job started on time and the roofers put in long hours, working often in quite marginal conditions. Paul, who led the roofing work, is clearly very knowledgeable, and with the team, delivered an excellent outcome pretty much on time and at the contracted price. The site was left in a very tidy condition. 

Chanel kept me informed during the work and visited at the end to make sure I was happy with the outcome, which is supported by comprehensive warranties. Overall, Orkney struck me as a very professional company that delivers to high standards whilst keeping the customer front and centre.  I will certainly use them again."


- Peter Vose

Suburban Street
Roof Construction

       Frequently asked questions

You asked - we answered! Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions the team at Orkney Roofing + Waterproofing get asked!

Do I need to tell my insurance company?

Yes. House and contents insurance policies vary, and it is always best that your insurer is aware. Orkney Roofing + Waterproofing maintain a Contract Works policy for the roof work, which covers our construction-related activities; however, this excludes the rest of the existing home and the contents, which will normally be covered by your insurer.


Do we need to worry about the weather? What if it rains overnight?

We will plan your project carefully and make allowances for the weather. The roof will be made weathertight daily before we leave the site. 


Can I get a new roof in winter?


Yes, winter mornings can be frosty, but there is generally less rain, and the days are more settled. All year round, we plan the work to accommodate the expected weather.


Will roofing interfere with my Sky TV/satellite dish?

Yes, roofing (and scaffolding) can interfere with your satellite or Sky reception. In fact, the roof isn’t really the best place for a dish, and sometimes the attachment can lead to leaks unrelated to the roofing system. Securing the dish to an external wall or bargeboard is a much better idea. Considering it will need to be moved to access the roof, we strongly recommend contacting your provider or a technician to relocate it before we start. Our roofers are not technicians, so we avoid adjusting and moving satellite dishes.


Do I have to move out during re-roofing? What about my pets?

No, there is usually no need to move out. But you do need to consider the comfort and safety of the household.


  • Our work can be quite noisy during the day. If you enjoy peace and quiet during the daytime, then it might be a good idea to consider an alternative location during our working hours.

  • Like any work site, ours has hazards like vehicles, tools, people and scaffolding. We manage our safety carefully, but unexpected visitors can expose themselves to risk. Children must be closely supervised to avoid accidents.

  • Like us, cats and dogs can find the noise and activity disconcerting. Cats generally avoid us; however, curious animals can be a hazard to themselves. You may want to consider keeping them inside or an alternative arrangement during working hours - for the comfort and safety of your pets.

  • If asbestos roofing is being handled, we will discuss specific safety requirements with you directly. Although moving out is not required, you might consider it convenient.


What colours are available?

Available colours can be viewed on the Colorcote or Coloursteel websites. 

Please note: Some colours are made to order or have minimum order quantities, affecting availability and making them cost-prohibitive. Talk to us to find out more.


What happens after I accept the quote?

When you accept our quote, we will contact you to schedule your project.


Do you need access to the inside of the house?

Not usually. If we are working on a skylight or something which needs us to enter, we will talk to you. We need access to power, which can be provided using an extension lead if there isn’t an external power point.

We really appreciate access to a toilet because it means we can spend more time working and less travelling to one, or the added cost of a port-a-loo. We also understand that you might prefer to keep your bathroom private, so we will be sure to ask before the job begins.



What happens to the old roofing material?

Where we can, we remove metal roofing and flashings and recycle them. If you want to keep the old materials we remove, just let us know, and we will stack them for you as they are removed. Roofing tiles and non-recyclable materials are usually disposed of using skips. Our quote will include your disposal options and cost.


Can I use the scaffold to paint while you are not on it?

Usually, our scaffold won’t be suitable for painting as it will be designed to access the roof. If you want to be able to paint using the scaffold, we can have it set up to accommodate you. Just ask us, and we will provide this allowance in your quotation and discuss the health and safety requirements with you.


Do I pay extra for scaffold hire if the roof takes longer than expected?

We plan carefully to ensure that doesn’t happen. If there is a reason for the scaffold to be up longer, we’ll talk to you about it. It might include changes made to your plans after the scaffold is erected, related to a tenant or for another trade (like a builder or painter), or you may need to make a variation to the scope of work for an unforeseen discovery (like asbestos or a building repair.)

Whatever happens, we will discuss it before changes or charges are made. If there is a hold-up on the job, which is our fault, we will cover the cost if it requires extended scaffold hire.


When do I pay you?

We usually do not require a deposit before the job unless custom products are required. If a deposit is needed, we will let you know when we quote. You will normally receive two invoices:

  • The first invoice will be provided after we erect the scaffold and deliver the materials. It is usually about 70% of the total job cost.

  • The second (and usually final) invoice is provided when we remove the scaffold upon completion of the roofing. This invoice will include the balance owed and any agreed variations.

Each is due seven days from the date of invoice. 



What warranties do you offer?


We warrant our installation workmanship and provide a range of robust product warranties from the manufacturers of the roofing systems we install.

Roofing system product warranties generally range from 15-25 years. Our workmanship warranty will extend five years from the completion date.


Do you have any other questions?


Please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.


           Do you have a roofing project to discuss?

0800 368 470
53d Kenepuru Drive, Porirua 5022



Re-roofing, New roof, Roof leak repair, Waterproofing, Gutter/spouting replacement, Chimney removal.



Wellington City, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti, Wairarapa. 

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