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3 Eco-Friendly Roofing Options to Consider for Your Home

Updated: Sep 6, 2023


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Smiling female roofer and male colleague on a roof

Brrrr - aren't you glad for a roof over your head when the temperatures are this cold? Except of course, if yours isn't performing as it should be!

If you're a responsible Kiwi looking to do a re-roof or build a whole new one, chances are you're considering sourcing eco-friendly materials for the job (and if not, maybe this article will nudge you?).

Wellington builders Orkney Group Limited, are passionate about doing their bit to leave a low carbon footprint on the planet. If we can find better, eco-friendly materials for our projects, then why not use them? Especially when it comes to roofing which makes up such a large part of any building.

Here is a list of three of our favourite eco-friendly roofing options:


House clad with black ColorSteel

ColorSteel is one of the most popular roofing options in NZ, because of its durability, flexibility, and strength. It also requires low maintenance, even in New Zealand’s harsh conditions. The ColorSteel Endura and Maxx ranges carry the Environmental Choice NZ ecolabel licence which proves that the manufacturing process and lifecycle of the product leave a low impact on the environment. It is also 100% recyclable.

The warranty period for ColorSteel products varies depending on the location of the house. As a rough guide, the warranty is 15 years for homes in a coastal area, and up to 30 everywhere else.


Ecostar tiles

A fantastic eco-friendly product on the market is the EcoStar tile. This product is made of 80% post-industrial rubber and plastics (think old car bumpers, radiator hoses, door mouldings and even off-cuts from the manufacture of disposable diapers! Talk about being resourceful!). EcoStar tiles are made to look like natural slate roofing or hand-split cedar wood tiles, but without the weight or expense. They don’t crack and provide fantastic protection against conditions such as snow, fire and extreme temperature (including able to withstand New Zealand’s UV levels).

EcoStar tiles come with a 50-year warranty.

Roof Garden

Roof garden (green roof)

If you’re not familiar with the term, a roof garden (also called a green roof) is a roof that is partially or fully covered with vegetation. These rooftops are becoming increasingly popular, not just for residential homes but also for commercial buildings, because they encourage biodiversity and contribute to purifying the air, which can be especially helpful in urban settings. They also contribute to lowering the temperature in the environment around the roof. Another plus is being able to capture rainwater run-off and reuse it for other purposes. The vegetation acts as a filter and therefore cleans the water for you!

Orkney Group’s roof garden system acts as a sound barrier for the house, absorbing sound and therefore providing a quieter home to live in. It also makes for a warmer house which in turn reduces power bills!

In case you still needed to be convinced of the benefits, the life of your roof is extended by protecting the roofing material from the sun, rain, wind, and temperature fluctuations. Although they can be quite expensive to install (they can be rather heavy and therefore require extra support in the house structure), the payoff, in the long run, can be worth it. Less heating costs, and consistent temperature throughout the year, not to mention a beautiful aesthetic.

Our roofing garden system comes with a 20-year product warranty.

If you are considering an environmentally conscious design for your roof and would like to discuss this with a professional, talk to us. We would love to chat!


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