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7 Tips For Successful Home Organisation

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


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Image of hanging clothes, a plant and containers on an open shelf storage system

Are you a clutter bug? If so, don’t panic just because it’s that time of year (that’s right, we’re talking about spring cleaning!).

For some of us, organising can be a bit of a challenge. We just don’t have the time or energy, or we simply don’t know where to start. Never fear! Our helpful Orkney team have put together a list of 7 top tips to help you achieve an organised home that won’t necessarily take hours to do and will help with better flow in your daily routine.


The best place to start organising is by firstly getting rid of anything you don’t love or that is not serving a purpose (ie taking up valuable “real estate” – both mentally and physically!). Have a look around your house and start with the area that feels most unproductive. Pull everything out of the cupboard and sort everything into 3 different piles: keep, chuck, and donate. It can feel overwhelming, so we suggest doing this bit by bit by starting with one area or cupboard per room.

If decluttering is as far as you get with your home organisation this season, then don’t feel bad. Having less stuff goes a long way to feel “lighter” and gives you more space. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about it getting rid of clutter.

We suggest having a “donate” box somewhere accessible and encouraging household members to regularly review their belongings and identify the items that they no longer want. Once the box is full, take it straight to the local thrift store so that items don’t pile up and take up valuable space.

This is where the old “use it or lose it” comes into play. If you find that there are items that rarely get used, then put them in the donate box.

Image of lady sorting clothes into different piles


Now that you’ve worked out which items you’re keeping, we suggest labelling so that things stay in the same place. For example, labelling the edge of the shelf of the linen cupboard with “queen sheets”, “single sheets”, “duvet covers” etc not only makes things more aesthetically pleasing but will also remind household members where everything belongs.

Handy Tip: Sheets can be folded into a matching pillowcase so that it is easier to find all the pieces that go together when changing the bed.


One sure-fire way of ensuring that you don’t have to declutter again in a couple of years’ time, is by applying the “one in, one out” rule. This means anytime you buy or are given a new item, you get rid of a like item. Buying a new jacket means donating one from your cupboard.

Lady opening drawers in her walk-in closet


Get into the habit of putting something back where it belongs after you have finished with it, rather than just putting it down. This makes it easier to find the item later and, the room will stay tidy and feel less cluttered. Putting away instead of putting down also saves time having to clean up a bigger mess later and allows you to spend it on things you would prefer to do.

Tidy, organised kitchen drawers


It doesn’t make much sense to store frequently used board games in the spare room if they are always played in the lounge. This can result in things being left lying around because there is no dedicated place for them. Having a space where they can live in the room they are used in, will encourage household members to put them away after use. (Let’s just admit it – the easier and more convenient tidying up can be, the more likely it will happen!)

Entryway with a bright yellow umbrella, a bench with shoes and bag


Every item needs a home. When household members know where everything belongs, putting things away becomes so much easier. This applies to those little things that get left lying around the place such as loose change, paper clips, pens, hair ties, etc.

Considering your household’s routines will help to work out where best to house things. Kids' school shoes in a rack, hooks for bags, jackets, and keys, and a basket by the front door for odds and ends, for example.

Speaking of homes, we encourage using drawer dividers, especially for underwear drawers. Rolling socks and underwear keeps them tidy and makes it easier to see what is there and ensures everything is used.

Handy Tip: We suggest having open containers for easy access to things that are frequently used such as toiletries and cooking supplies.

Lady opening bathroom drawer


Determine how much space you want to allocate for items and then stick to it. Don’t allow things to overflow. For example, if you have a shelf for craft items and then find you’re running out of space to store it all, it’s time to declutter, not time to buy more containers.

Voila! That’s everything you need to get started on your home organisation frenzy. If your home needs more than decluttering and labelling then please call Wellington builders Orkney Group Limited on 0800 3668 470 to discuss possible alterations or additions.

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