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Dreaming of an 'Island' Escape?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


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View from palm trees of the beach with a boat on it

We don't blame you! Unfortunately, with ongoing travel restrictions and the MIQ drama we're facing in these (seemingly) endlessly trying times, dreams of sipping a majestic-looking fruity cocktail on a white sand beach have been firmly remaining... dreams!

There is SOME good news, though! With all the money you've saved on overseas travel, you can bring the 'island' to you! Yes, an 'island' escape is most certainly doable ... we mean a new kitchen island, of course!

We all know that kitchens are the heart of the home (and remember, 'kitchens sell houses' too!). It's where we head for the essential coffee (or tea - let's not be biased!) in the morning rush, where the kids congregate after school for a quick bite and homework, and where nourishing dinners are prepared and served to our friends and families.

If you've been looking to revamp your kitchen/dining space, a kitchen island can be an excellent choice! Whether your kitchen is large enough for a full-size dining island or only big enough to fit a movable butcher's block, we have some fantastic options for you to consider:


One of the most popular styles, a waterfall island is where the benchtop surface cascades down one or both ends.


Designed to look like a solid block of stone (because it IS made from a solid block of stone!), this island has a very minimalist look. Perfect for sophisticated kitchens.

Solid block of stone with cutouts for sink and stools


These islands are trendy AND functional - often using contrasting colours or materials, with kick panels of timber, mirror, or made to match the kitchen cupboards.

White island benchtop resting on a white base with barstools around it


Ideal for a larger kitchen or a home where a dining room is not a priority (perhaps utilising outdoor dining more often), this island incorporates the table into the island.

A V-shaped kitchen island with chairs and fruitbowl on one side and sink and prep space on the other


With more appliances in the modern kitchen, these islands come into their own with the offering of shelving, generous benchtop and cupboard drawers. Some designs even incorporate a mini wine fridge!

Large kitchen island with wooden shelving built into one of the ends
Kitchen island with pull-out drawers built into it


The toe kick is set back to give the illusion that the island is floating. Quite stunning in a modern kitchen.

Marble-top kitchen island that looks to be floating because the toe-kick is so far inset


In a small kitchen, a rolling island is super functional. Not only does it have the flexibility to be shifted as needed, but clever designs also provide plenty of storage drawers and shelves within the limited space.

When it comes to materials, there are so many options available such as marble, stone, granite, and brushed stainless steel.

If you would like to conjure up an island escape of your own (by that, we mean 'discuss your kitchen renovation ideas with us'), please feel free to call Wellington builders Orkney Group Limited on 0800 368 470. We would be more than happy to meet, check out your space, and discuss a new kitchen/dining design that best suits your needs and style.

(Photo Credit: MasterCraft Kitchens)

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